Can you be specific about your policy on logos and design?

Yes. We will explain to you a Q&A format.

Q: Can I customize my logo or design for my product?

A: Yes, your logos or designs are welcome.

    Please provide us with 3D design drawings and pictures. This will help our professional design team to quickly advance the design process.

Q: Can you design one specifically for me?

A: Yes, we accept your special customization. Tell us what you have in mind. Our experienced design team can give you a unique design.

Q: I can’t find a satisfactory design package on your website, can you design it according to the area of my space?

A: Yes, please tell us your footprint, such as length, width, capacity. And your approximate budget. We will design to your needs.

Q: Will you keep my design for future orders?

A: Once you have your design, you can use it in future orders.

    You can always use it for free as long as you don’t make changes.

Want more detailed information? Contact Dumbosports professional sales team!

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