What is your buying process?

Dumbosports has a very well-established purchasing process. You can buy bounce houses from us quickly and efficiently.

1. Choose an item and send an inquiry.
2. Confirm details, such as design, length, width, depth, capacity, etc.
3. Confirm the design.
4. Quotation.
5. Sign Contract.
6. Pay 45% deposit to confirm the order.
7. Start mess production.
8. Report progress.
9. Complete production.
10. Inspect the quality by Dumbosports QC.
11. Check the product by photos or on-site.
12. Pay 55% of the balance.
13. In charge of loading.
14. Arrange shipment.
15. Send shipping documents for import customs clearance.
16. Clear customs and pick up goods.
17. Install the bounce house.
18. Provide feedback to Dumbosports.

Want more detailed information? Contact our professional sales team!

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