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Want to wholesale bounce houses overseas? This ultimate solution guide will help you with everything about wholesaling inflatables.

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Why Wholesale Bounce Houses from Dumbosports.com

We always value customer satisfaction. Our goal is always to design and manufacture high-quality bounce houses to meet all your needs.

How We Turn Your Ideas into Products

Just tell us what you think, and leave the rest of the work to us.


Experienced designers to create a unique look for you


Dumbosports use fully automated cutting machines for more accurate pattern cutting and higher efficiency.


We use full-digital printing machines with vivid and never-fade patterns.


The professional coating protects prints from UV rays, rain, and snow.


Experienced and skilled workers use the best sewing machines to make sturdy and durable bounce houses.

Quality Control

Each bounce house will do 48 hours of quality testing before packaging.


Arrangements are made and ready to ship.

We also have plenty of hot products in stock.


Loaded and shipped by sea, the goods will reach you soon.

Hot Products According to Our Clients Feedback

Dumbosports not only deals in wholesale bounce houses, but also sells a lot of other inflatable equipment. Here are some of our customers’ favorite products.

Yellow inflatable slide wet dry
Purple inflatable slide wet dry
Blue inflatable slide wet dry
  • All is possible in Dumbosports.
    With 14 years OEM & ODM experience we support any form of customization.
  • Custom original unique products for you.
  • Do the design exactly according to your idea, favorite colors, text, logo.
Combo with slide
Bounce house
  • Each product is designed and manufactured according to safe standards.
  • Use Safety material and design.
  • Everyone got maximum fun, longer playtime on bouncers.

Estimated Manufacturing and Shipping Times

All design and manufacturing are done at the factory. The lead time for bulk shipments is about 35 days.

We work fast. With more and more customers approaching us, we have no choice but to prioritize efficiency.

Let’s take a look at the whole process of production and delivery.

1. Confirm Order

Drawings will be confirmed within 1-3 days after receipt of deposit.

2. Bulk Production

7-12 days to complete production after drawing confirmation.

Send you photos and videos for checking.

3.Transport and Customs

5-7 days after goods confirmation.

Packing, booking, loading, transporting, loading, and completion of export procedures within China.

4. Shipment

Shipping time is about 20-30 days.

5. Customs Clearance and Other Matters

Import procedures at destination port take 1-3 days.

6. Delivery

It takes 1-3 days from the port to your warehouse.

Things You Need to Know About Wholesale Bounce Houses From China

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our inflatables.

What am l supposed to do if my wholesale order delays?

If your order is late for more than a week, email Dumbosports customer care on the website to be assisted further.

Kindly note that sometimes the orders can delay because of unavoidable circumstances. Just be patient and we will let you know if there is a real reason for the delay.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods that l'veordered?

Usually within 9 weeks if no customization on the products, but may take up to 6o working days if the shipping company in trouble.

Do you offer free shipping of wholesale bounce houses?

Unfortunately, no.You will have to pay a small fee for shipping wholesale bounce houses.

Can you replace products that are damaged during shipping?

It happens on rare occasions because we ensure that all our products are well-packaged before being shipped.
But in case it does, please contact customer care on the website. They will guide you and advise you accordingly.

How to wholesale bounce houses?
  1. Visit Dumbosports.com, choose a model, and send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form.
  2. Get the quotation from our salesman. 
  3. Check the draft contract after the two sides confirm all the transaction details .
  4. Confirm the contract and pay a 45% deposit.
    The bulk production starts.
  5. Receive pictures and videos and pay all the balanced 55%.
  6. Delivery goods to you.

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