11 Tips to Wholesaling Bounce Houses

Did you know there are tips for wholesale inflatable bounce houses? These tricks your peers certainly will not tell you. Want to know them? Be sure to read this article before purchasing. It will show you the secrets your peers never let you know.

#1 Bounce Houses Need to Meet Industry Standards

Different countries have different industry standards. 

For example, Europe needs the EN14960 standard, but the United States needs the UL standard. 

Bouncy castles that meet industry standards can enter your market.

As an industry veteran, Dumbosports’s inflatables meet the standards of different markets.

#2 Bouncers Made of Commercial Material

If you mainly use it for rental, to wholesale bounce houses made of commercial-grade material. 

18OZ PVC with excellent UV resistance, flame retardant, high strength, and tear resistance. They make the products strong and durable. 

Want to know the difference between commercial and household inflatables, you can read my last article.

#3 Fine Workmanship for Inflatable Slide

What is a good inflatable slide?

Strong anchor point, safe escape window at the top, finger-friendly net, double or quadruple line protection, flat seam, extra protection strips, Digital printings, lamination protection, etc. 

For more details on how to make a quality inflatable bounce house. See my blog “How We Turn Your Ideas into Products”.

#4 Real After-sales Service and Warranty Period

Do they provide after-sales service and 3 years warranty?

Inflatable slides are a big investment. They highly require customer maintenance and service. Without good after-sales and warranty support, it can hurt your business.

#5 Equipped with Air Blowers, Repair Kits, Instruction Manuals, and Certificates

Accessories are very important but easy be neglected. 

Some manufacturers do not provide these accessories for free. If you do not notice these and forget to purchase, you will be in a dilemma.

#6 With Extra Sliding and Climbing Cloth or Without

Sliding and climbing cloth is very important. 

Usually, a set is sent out with the goods. But they are the children’s favorite place to stay, the wear and tear are particularly large. If your rental frequency is very high, it is better to buy one more set for urgent.

#7 Actual Weight V.S. Claimed Weight

The actual weight is different from some manufacturers’ claims. 

To facilitate moving, we prefer a lighter jumper. Some manufacturers advertise a lighter weight than the actual one to cater to demand. 

It is easy to tell. The truth is the same material is the same weight. 

What do you think?

# 8 Actual Height V.S. Advertising Height

The higher the slide, the more exciting and fun to play. 

To make the slide looks higher, some manufactures raise the top of the decorative tree only, remains the platform height the same. If you want to achieve the expected fun, pay attention to the height of the platform.

#9 The Stopping Area Long V.S. Short

Safety, safety, and safety. We talk about it again and again. 

To save costs, some manufacturers will make the stopping area very short. It looks feasible but not safe. Children are hit hard when they slide down. 

# 10 Large Inventory, Full Range, and New Style V.S. Little Stock, Single Design, and Old Style

To save costs, or test the market, or lower risk, startups usually choose a single, few, or old jumper. That hides some disadvantages. 

The selection of single, few, or old jumpers, means less selling or renting opportunity. Customers will choose more styles and innovative competitors.

#11 The Earlier You Place an Order, the Better During the Epidemic

The epidemic changed everything. Poor shipping left many things in short supply. 

Customers had empty warehouses. Often demand is high and there are no goods to rent. Watch the loss of business and fall into anxiety. 

If you want to start your business, purchase as soon as possible.

The goal of Dumbosports is to help bounce house rental owners grow quickly. I hope this guide has provided you with enough information and can help you.

If you need to know more, please drop me a line.

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