The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Bounce Houses from China

Do you want to buy from China, but are afraid to try for various reasons? Don’t know the language and the import procedures. Worry about buying bad goods and are afraid of being cheated. But seeing that one by one, peers around you are starting to buy from China, saving a lot of costs. Are you envious but have no idea? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This practical article teaches you everything about importing bounce houses from China.

Some people told you not to buy from China. The quality of the product is poor and there is no after-sales service. It is out of date. iPhone is sought after by many people all over the world, it’s a great product. You like it too, right? They are made in China. There are indeed many good jumping bouncy castles in China. But you don’t know how to choose a good supplier.

This guide will teach you to step by step how to buy bouncy castles from China. It is divided into 11 sections. Any part can be studied independently. You can pick and choose any part you are interested in reading.

# Step 1  Preparation of Buying from China

Before purchasing you need to do this homework. Do complete research on the importing process and costs.

Can you clear customs yourself?

Or do you have a suitable freight forwarder to help you?

Will it be profitable to buy it back?

You can read on with these questions in mind.

# Step 2 Where to find Chinese manufacturers

Many ways to find Chinese suppliers through online or offline channels.


The most direct way is to search on Google. Such as”inflatable slide manufacturers from China”,”bounce house for sale”,”inflatable castle wholesale”,etc. Hundreds of suppliers will appear.

Browse their websites one by one to see what each company has. Some companies may offer the cheapest prices. Some offer unique designs, and others offer long-term service. 

What do you think is most important to you? Pick the suppliers best meet your needs.

Alibaba, and Made in China

These B2B platforms are also an option. You can search hundreds of suppliers by entering keywords. But on such platforms, the ones that rank well are companies that are very good at doing SEO. Not always match with you. Need to spend a lot of effort to find good quality suppliers. If you have a lot of time and energy, try it.


Guangzhou Canton Fair and Hong Kong Fair are the places where suppliers gather. It is easy to find the right suppliers.

Industrial clusters

Go to the industrial clusters if you are traveling in China. For example, Zhengzhou is famous for its inflatables. You can find a great supplier like Dumbosports soon.

Facebook, Linked in or Youtube

Many suppliers are active on Social Media. It is also an effective way to find a Chinese supplier.

Bounce house combo

# Step 3 Understanding the difference between commercial and home bounce house

There are commercial and home inflatables on the market. Need to know the difference between them.

Commercial bounce house using high-quality commercial-grade 18OZ vinyl. Multiple stitches to reinforce the seams. High-quality air blowers, nets, zippers, and other accessories plus exquisite workmanship.Very sturdy, durable, and safe. It is often used for commercial events, party rentals.

Dumbosports manufactures commercial-grade bounce houses. Our customers have been using it for over 5 years and it still works. If you buy it for your bouncer jumping castle rental business. Choose this commercial-grade jumping castle.

Residential bouncy castles are designed for families. Made of nylon or Oxford cloth, it is very light, weaker, not sturdy, and only lasts 5-6 months. It is suitable for children under 5 years old. Its price is very affordable. If you are buying something for your child, then choose it.

# Step 4 The secret to more effective inquiry

Never ask for a price list directly. No matter which channel you buy from. Experienced and competent merchants may blacklist you directly.

What is the right thing to do? Usually, I only tell my customers this secret. Try to communicate with this method, your efficiency will be doubled.

Make a buy list based on your budget

Choose the products you are interested in according to it. A targeted inquiry will save you more time than asking aimlessly.

That is to say, have a clear goal before your inquiry. For example, a budget of$10,000 and plan to buy 3-4 bouncer jumping and slides.

Go to check their websites, and look for their main products. Chat online or send an email to the supplier your idea. Then ask for a quote. You can get a detailed quotation or products recommendation.

If you need to customize a product. The rule is the more clear and accurate you describe that product. The better you can get support from the supplier.

# Step 5 Check the background of suppliers to ensure they are reliable

Choose the best supplier by product price, communication, response, and expertise.

Product Price

Do not choose the cheapest one. It is not the best. To believe in sourcing from China, you get what you pay for.

Quality is reflected in the details. From raw materials, small accessories, to workmanship. Every aspect can make a big difference to the product. Good quality deserves a good price.

Price is not the only factor to test the supplier. But also need to consider them through communication, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Good and effective communication and response

It is very important to your business. It is easy to tell from their reactions.

A good response is logical and contains all the details you want to know. If you get a quick and timely response, good advice, and a satisfactory answer. This is a good vendor.

If the supplier doesn’t understand you from start to finish, give up.

Product Categories

Look at their product categories. Is it specialized in inflatable bounce houses? If they have a lot of product categories, then he must not be a professional vendor.

Experienced in exporting

An experienced supplier can help solve many problems in the complex import process. Different issues may arise at each stage. Such as product production, packaging, or shipping. A good supplier can assist you in solving all the challenges smoothly and give you sound advice.

Active or not

Check if the company is active. A company that is regularly updated with news is a functioning company. On the contrary, then you need to be careful.

Scope of business

Check its main business scope. Let’s say his clients are mainly from Southeast Asia. You are from the USA. This company is not the best choice.


With or without certificates. See what certificates the manufacturer can provide. Your customs or market may require you to provide a certificate.

By screening the above 5 aspects. You can select 2-3 suppliers for further negotiations.

Bouncy castle

# Step 6 Confirmation of Trade Terms

Before signing a contract with a supplier. You need to pay attention to these important details.

Choosing the right trade terms will help your smooth import business.

Here are 3 common trade terms.


Product cost only.

The factory finishes production and that’s it. There are no other costs or responsibilities. You need to arrange pickup, shipping, and all other matters related to import and export. You are responsible for all costs associated with it. This term is not suitable for newcomers.


Product fee+inland transportation fee+export fee.

The supplier delivers the goods to the agreed Chinese port. And bears the costs associated with this. You are responsible for shipping and import-related matters and bear the corresponding costs.

If you have a reliable shipping agent, you can use this clause.


Product fee+inland transportation fee+export fee+sea freight+insurance

The supplier delivers the goods to the agreed port of destination. And bears the costs associated therewith. You are responsible for import-related matters and bear the corresponding costs.

This is much easier to operate for newbies.

# Step 7  Confirmation of Payment Methods and Terms

These payment terms are all very common in international trade. You can negotiate with the supplier. Choose the most suitable payment method and term according to your actual situation. 

4 common payment methods

  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Letter of Credit(L/C)

3 common payment terms

  • 40% deposit, 60% balance before delivery.
  • 40% deposit, 60% balance against Bill of Lading.
  • O/A payment.

# Step 8 Confirm Quality, Warranty Period, and All Other Details

Ask about product warranties and after-sales service. 

Some suppliers only focus on sales and do not care about service. Others can give good pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Make sure the supplier gives you a good warranty and return policy.

Pay attention to the leading time.  And make sure the supplier can deliver on time.

Make a thorough evaluation of the manufacturer’s advantages. A good supplier can help you save a lot of time and effort. Especially if they are an expert in your product area. They can clearly understand your needs and address your queries. The advice of a responsible manufacturer can be helpful for your business to grow your business quickly.

# Step 9 Signing a Contract

Here is a complete list of contracts. 

  • Proforma Invoices
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Contract

# Step 10 Cargo Customs Clearance

The last important step is customs clearance. You can find a trusted freight forwarder to help you with customs clearance. Or let the supplier do it for you. Depending on your time and cost, choose the best shipping option.

You will need these documents or certificates during the customs clearance process.

  • Contract
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of origin

Normal customs clearance requires 5 documents. But, depending on the country or product, other documents may be required. You can consult a freight forwarder who can help you with the logistics.

Besides the documents, you will need to pay customs duties. The duty rate varies by country or product.

# Step 11 Pick-up and Operations

Wait a few days, you can receive the goods and start operating.

Bounce house rental


When I talk to customers, I find that there are many people who do not know much about China. There are some tutorials on the internet, but none of them are comprehensive. I wrote this article from the reality of China and based on what I know about the market. I hope that the knowledge I share will help people who really need to source from China.

The goal of Dumbosports is to help startups grow quickly. I hope this guide has provided you with enough information and can help you.

If you need to know more, please drop me a line.

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