How to survive in the party rental peak season?

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, bounce house rental season is right around the corner and we can already feel it.

As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is either ten years ago or now. Planning for the peak season is the same. If you did nothing in the off-season, then hurry up and do it now…

With the busiest season of the year upon us, what can we do to get through it successfully and profitably? We interviewed 5 great business owners and gave us very honest advice. The valuable tips are based on their experiences and lessons learned from actual operations.

Possible problems faced

Increased orders, exhausted employees, warehouse chaos, oversight of details, unexpected bad weather, and more. Any unexpected situation can disrupt an already tight delivery and installation schedule.

To cope with these, proper preparation is essential.

Mastering peak season timing

Spring, summer, and fall are all peak seasons. In particular, there are two peak seasons for bounce house rental activity. One from late April to mid-July and the second from late August to mid-November.


1. Organize the warehouse.

Inventory the condition of the inflatables. Any damage, dirty, lack? If yes, clean, repair, or buy as soon as possible.

2. Prepare the bouncy castles in advance.

Don’t make decisions without data analysis. Make a buy plan for this year based on the analysis of rental data from previous years. Prepare a full inventory before the peak season.

3. Staff training. 

Make a list of frequently asked questions by customers. Give training to staff so that get more opportunities during the peak season.

4. Extra manpower. 

According to the actual situation, increase staff to meet the increasing demand for rental.   

5. Improve the website self-order function. 

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people like to place orders online. Website orders, not only to meet customer demand and save labor, why not?

Business tricks

1. Limit your activities. 

Do what you can do to ensure that you communicate well with your clients.

2. Do not over-promise. 

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. Once find that does not match the description, customers will give you a bad review.

3. Show as many products as possible. 

Give priority to recommending new products. Let customers know what you have, the more variety, the more opportunities you have.

5. Flexible rental time. 

Especially after the customer has paid a deposit. A little bit of appropriate flexibility is more likely to get the customer a good review.

6. Use FB, YT, TIKTOK to promote your activities. 

Some previews will get particularly good results.

7. Quick response. 

Customers are very anxious and will contact many companies at the same time. Who will be stand out if be the first to reply.

8. Request for the positive feedback. 

These real customer needs are very important. On the one hand, it can help us to improve our services. On the other hand, it has a positive impact on the next rental customer.

9. Respond to customer comments. 

Take each customer’s comments seriously. This shows you are a very serious, good communication and responsive person. All these qualities contribute to the renter’s confidence in you.


With these thoughtful tips, I’m sure you’ll be able to respond quickly as well.

Contact Dumbosports today to see how we can help you prepare for the peak inflatable rental season.

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