How profitable are bounce houses?

Inflatable bounce houses are becoming popular more and more. Appearing at various events, birthday parties, school events, holiday celebrations, etc. 

If you are planning or preparing for the inflatables business. May be interested in knowing these tips. Does this industry profitable? Is it okay to start doing it now?

I am going to talk about it from the cost and income.

How much does it cost to start a bounce house business?

Product costs

For full-time or part-time, a commercial bounce house, an inflatable combo, or a commercial water slide is a basic choice to open up soon.

 A bounce house costs $1000-$1800

 A combo costs $1,800-$2,500

 A wet and dry slide is $2500-3500

Other expenses

The cost of inflatable insurance varies from place to place. It costs about $1800-2500 per year to get good protection.

Other 8 items for reference. It will be easier if you have these. The cost varies from place to place.

 1. Truck

 2. Hairdryer

 3. Extension cord and generator

 4. Cleaning materials

 5. Maintenance and repair costs

 6. Labor costs

 7. Storage

 8. Sandbags, tape, safety signs, etc.

How much can the inflatable bouncer business earn?

According to market reports, the rental prices of bouncers and waterslides are different. The average price of a bouncy castle is $150 per time, which can be rented 1.5 times a week, earning $225 per week.

For example, if you invest in 1 bounce house, 1 combo, and 1 slide. You will get your money back in about 7 weeks and start making a profit after 2 months.

After that, you can invest more, add jumpers or games, so that customers have more choices.  Or provide extra services to get more revenue, such as popcorn machines, food and drinks, tables, chairs, etc.


According to the above analysis. The price difference between renting and buying is big. Plus high maintenance and storage costs. Most families and units will choose to rent. The demand is growing, the operation is flexible and the business is scalable. This is a good choice for a business start-up.

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