The Most Trendy White Bounce House in 2022

New to the industry, do not know the season’s popular models? Don’t worry. You are in the right place. As an inflatable veteran, I will give you my experience.

After research, testing, reviewing and recommending the best products. I found that my thoughts coincide with most people’s. This white bounce house is popular now. With the growing number of white bounce house lovers, a single style no longer meets the demand. Dumbosports have specifically added some new designs to provide more options.

white bounce house

Why are they popular?

These are bounce houses with a wide range of uses. They are perfect for weddings, birthdays, holidays, memorials, christenings, adult parties, soft play, weekends, entertainment, baby shower, business events & pretty much any occasion that comes to mind. Can be completely personalized too. Such as having a phone on the bounce house and ball pit, or anything you’d like! Bounce houses and balloons are a perfect match. They are combined into various theme parties. According to the customer’s whims, with different shapes of balloons. Instantly make your trampoline different, hit the heart of the customer. Make the weddings, birthday parties, theme parties, etc. like no other.

What do people say about them?

“This compact, white bouncy castle is the classiest addition to any event – weddings in particular.”

“The castle is compact, so as not to take up too much precious space at your event, but still provides a fun and safe environment to keep the little ones entertained.”

Wedding bounce house


· Q: Easy to get dirty? Hard to clean?

· A: Yup. Although cleaning would be crazy fun on these white units.   Double rental will make you happier.

· Q: How do you clean them?

· A: Please see my article.

· Q: White is a bit too single?

· A: We have 10 colors like white, pink, blue, and green for your choice.

· Q: Size bigger or smaller than you need?

· A: Custom sizes are available for you.

· Q: Need your logo, name, website, etc. printed on it?

· A: Yes, it’s all available for you.


White bouncy castle has become a new trend! As it matches any theme. Great for pictures! Suitable for children and adults. 

Who else hasn’t? Hurry up and order!

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