How to select the ideal inflatables for your bounce house business

Why is the right choice so important

As a starter, the inflatable rental business is promising. You can work full-time or part-time, making money while having free time. Bounce houses are becoming more and more popular. Be found at birthday parties, various events, and other occasions. Operate all year round. There are many inflatable bounce houses, and picking the right one is the key to a great start.

What are the types of inflatables

They are generally divided into these categories. Bounce houses, combos (bounce houses with slides), inflatable slides, water slides, obstacle courses for children and adults, and inflatable sports games.

How to select a bounce house

I’ll focus on three main factors.


The first thing to consider is the budget. Inflatable bounce houses are not cheap, so you need to choose your investment wisely. Choose the most popular inflatables for kids and adults so that you can rent them out much easier and faster. The better your business, the more experienced you become, and the more successful you will be. Then you may be able to afford to buy more inflatables and expand.

Product Packages

It is better to choose a combination of inflatables for your rental business. Bounce houses are the most popular, and you should have at least one。 If you have more budget, add one more combo. If you have an extra budget, add a slide or water slide. Then more.

Local Climate

Climate also matters. For example, if you operate a business in hot weather, a water slide would be a good choice. Water slides are the most popular for bringing coolness on hot summer days. People love it. If you work in a colder area,  give priority to bounce houses, combos, and sports games suitable for indoor use.

Where to buy

Big brands are sourcing from China. Same quality, more competitive prices, and savings on purchasing costs. Dumbosports is your best choice.

Still have no idea how to choose, leave a message to us, and we will give you professional advice.

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