3 Little-Known Tips to Helping You Start a Party Rental Business

Are you ready to start your party rental business? Why not read these little tips first? What some others encountered and had a headache on them. Let us see whats the issues and how to avoid them. Making the right moves now can help you avoid major problems later on.

1. Start with the neutral rather than theme inflatables at the beginning

Why do this?

As a starter, we are always interested in the themed inflatable. They are nice and special, vivid and attractive characters, and always grab us with the first eye. You may think, oh my God, so beautiful, I love it and kids will love them too. That is what I should buy. Oh never do that.

Many people have made this mistake, they chose a themed inflatable at the very beginning. They are happy with the unique design. But later they found the thing it is hard to rent out. Usually parents, sometimes even grandparents pay the billing. They take consider of money and care about every penny. Sometimes they will compare each party’s rental suppliers. The higher rental price prevents people lease them. As result operators have to sell them out and close their shops. From time to time you can see their names on Craigslist.

On the other hand, we often see one people choose it and most of his friends will choose it too. For example, your friend have a birthday party for his kid last weekend. They have a classical bounce house and all kids enjoy a great time on it. Kids like this bounce very much, including your kid. This month it is your kid’s birthday party, guess which one you will rent. Sure the same bounce house will be your choice.

Compare to this the neutral inflatables are a safe choice. Easy to rent is the reason for starting from.

2. Properly anchor an inflatable bounce house on the ground after installing

It is very important to anchor the bounce house. However, most operators ignore this point.

We know that the area is large but light after inflated, the center of gravity is unstable. How to make it stable? We have tested it, it is helpful to use 30-40 inch heavy-duty metal stakes anchored each corner on the ground. For much security, put some sandbags. They will protect the inflatable doesn’t turning over. Just try it and see what will happen.

An extra little tip for you. It is time to pick up the inflatable if the wind is too strong. Sometimes we noticed such news, the bounce house was lifted by a gust of wind and flying in the air. No feel about it? It means a gusting wind of 25 mph is coming if your clothes fluttering like a flag, no use it anymore.

Safety is very important. Properly anchor give you a hand for that.

3. Tell people in person before playing inflatables. To remove keys, pens, pencils, jewelry, glasses, knives, pets, etc.

This point is very, very important.

Usually, we only put a sticker on the bounce house. But who cares, parents and kids won’t see it. We should tell them face to face after installing.

My friend told me when he picked up the bounce house, he found dog pee on it. He had to pay extra money for the cleaning and disinfecting. Guess what, the dog is lovely and we love them, but it is wrong to bring them into the bounce house. Maybe they will enjoy it more if you play with them on the grass.

Another sad story about sharp objects. Not only one time my friends tell me, someone cut bounce house with a knife. I am so surprised at it.

It is harmful to both the children and the inflatable once seriously breakage and air leakage on inflatables. To children means dangerous, they may fall from the slide. To you may lose both money and time. As you have to spend a lot of money to repair and long time waiting for it. Many customers will walk away during this period.

It is better to tell people in person what should do whatnot, except the paper reminders.

Well, last but not least, these selected three points are the most important should let you know. Making the right things are saving money and time.

For more tips please follow me up.

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